Tips & tricks of End Game Healing Pt 2

Posted by Delleyntar Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In this section I will go over what NOT to use in your Restoration tree. This is continued from Part One

Furor is unnecessary for a resto druid. It may be in your resto tree but it has nothing to do with healing. The talent gives you Gives you X% chance to gain 10 Rage when you shape shift into Bear and Dire Bear Form, and you keep up to Y of your Energy when you shape shift into Cat Form, and increases your total Intellect while in Moonkin form by Z%.

This talent gives noting while you're in the tree of life form so you can omit that.

Next, Omit Naturalist, You will not be using Healing touch at all in your end game, so points in that is not needed.... You as why we don’t use healing touch?

It takes too long and too much mana, and really doesn’t heal as well as nourish or Regrowth does as far as Burst healing is concerned. Plus there are other ways to get a burst healing but I will go over that in the spell rotation section.

Next Omit Tranquil Spirit Even though it has a mana reduction cost for Nourish in that, We wont be using Nourish enough for that talent to be concerned.

Next Omit Improved Tranquility. Now this is a hard decision I know but as far as your other talents are concerned, this is least important.

Next omit Empowered Touch, because again, we will not be using healing touch.

And lastly, we can omit improved barkskin, because while in raids, this is very unimportant.

Now the 59 talents you have you can fill out everything to the Max. These talents are based on your Very important HoTs that will be very beneficial; I will no go over Glyphs since they have important factors that help my spells.

First is Glyph of Wild Growth. Wild Growth in its self heals 5 People with in 15 yards for 686 for over 7 seconds (a lot more when you have your crit and SP bonus') But with the glyph, it heals one more additional target, so while doing a 10 or 25 man raid healing that extra person is very beneficial.

Next I have Glyph of swift mend. The Swift mend Ability Consumes a regrowth or a Rejuvenation effect to Instantly heal them the amount over 12 seconds of rejuvenation or 18 sec of regrowth (I will get more into the swiftmend ability in my spell rotation section) So with Glyph of swiftmend, It no longer consumes these effects, Rather, Still Heals for the amount it would normally, but still leaving the hot ticking.

And last glyph I have is Glyph of rejuvenation. This glyph heals for an additional 50% health when you put it on a target that has less than 50% health. Thats really all you need to be concernd as far as Major Glyphs go. Minor glyphs you can do what you like, like I have Glyph of aquatic form, Glyph of Unburdened rebirth and Glyph of the wild. But none, which are necessary for you’re effective healing.

Next I will go over my spell rotation that I seem to have found to be the most effective when it comes to raid healing.

When we first encounter either trash or a boss, I first put up Wild Growth on the party to get the first hots ticking, Then if I am raid healing I will but lifebloom x1 on each person after I do that, I will hit Wild growth again to get anyone I missed. Since usually the tank does take the most damage I will put lifebloom x3 on the tank, and rejuvenation. And this is pretty much it as far as raid healing goes. Nothing much to it, Wild growth every 6 seconds and Lifebloom for the crowd, with more stacks going on the people taking more damage.

As far as Single target healing goes, If you are doing a boss that the tank takes a lot of damage you want to stack up all your hots on him, So in a typical instance, Lets say we are healing for XT, and I am assigned for the Main tank, what I would do is

Natures Swiftness to Make my regrowth Spell Instant and put that up first, then I would stack lifebloom 3 times, then put on rejuvenation, then wildgrowth, refresh lifebloom and then repeat, casting regrowth again. Make sure you watch the timers on the hots. Remember, when you cast Regrowth, if it crits it has a 100% chance to plant a living seed on the tank, which will bloom when the tank is next attacked (and damaged) healing for 30% of the amount healed.

When you have all these hots going it is still possible the tank can lose more heath, this is where swiftmend comes into play, Hit that and since you have your regrowth and rejuvenation going, this will take these 2 effects, add it and heal your tank for about 3/4 of his health. Add Nourish to this and you have your tank at full health

Awareness is key to this; if you feel that your hots aren’t doing enough healing, make sure they are all up. If the tank is taking a lot of damage (and this is assuming that he is Defense capped) you may want to use nourish a few times just to get him over 75% health. Play around with it a bit, But once you get into the rotation, you will see what kind of heals are needed for each boss..

Lastly I will go over gear In the next entry

~Happy Healing! <3 Delley


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