Tips & tricks of End Game Healing Pt 3

Posted by Delleyntar Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is the Last part of the End Game Healing Section continued from Part 2

Tip #1: While most of the leather healing gear has haste on it (the Tier gear has haste as well) I actually think the Crit gear is actually better.

Reason being: While Lifebloom is the most used HoT I use, it ticks for 6 seconds and the 7th second it "blooms" Healing targets for a larger amount...

Now with crit gear it allows my final "bloom" to Crit for up to 7k-19k

Tip #2: Haste Gear is a must for certain bosses.

This is where blizzard was right with haste healing gear.... for certain bosses.... Haste is VERY important ESPICALLY when it comes to the tank taking more damage. With more haste Regrowth is a bit faster, as well as nourish. As time goes on you will see what bosses you would rather use fast heals rather than strong heals (Such as Loathb for the Crit heals and Patchwerk for the fast ones) so collect both types of gear.

But for the most part I personally rather have crit over haste because id rather my small hots, heal for more then my bigger (and more mana costing heals) cast faster.

The thing I always go for, and this is in order as far as gear importance goes

Spell power > Intel > MP5> Crit > Haste > Stam > Spirit

If a piece of Leather gear has lets say 88 spell power, 50 intel, 43 stam 18 spirit and plus haste at 23

and another piece of Cloth gear has 109 spellpower 49 intel 40 stam 10mp5 and crit at 46...

I would go for the one that has more spellpower. and MP5 Even tho it has less of the other stats, the more spellpower you have, Effectively makes your heals stronger and in turn you don’t need as much mana. Also the Mp5 is very important since spirit has been nerfed and it doesn’t do as much as mp5 does now.

You want to go for Leather gear, but some times a cloth piece is a better upgrade so go for that instead. Don’t be afraid, go on; the Reduction in armor you get is not that bad considering since you’re not up in the action much anyway

Enchants and Gems are important so try to stick with ones that give you Spell power, Intel and Mp5.

That’s pretty much it as far as End Game healing goes. As you get more practice you would get see what gear is > then other, and what heals work better than other.

My talent Tree:

Well Thanks again for reading and if you have any questions, you can speak to me in game and if your not from this server, then send me a message!


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