Tips & tricks of End Game Healing Pt 1

Posted by Delleyntar Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey guys this is Delleyntar from the Dalaran Server. I’m here to talk to you about a few Resto Druid End game Healing tips and Tricks.

There’s a few things that I’ve learned while being a druid that can either Help or Hurt your healing, so I want to go over my Talent tree, Spell rotation, My Glyphs, Buffs, and of course, stats on gear. While Gear is a good part of how well you heal, Your Spell Rotation, What talents are being used and what buffs you have up can either help or hurt your game.

So Lets get started....

My Talent tree is currently set up as 12points in balance and 59 points in Restoration. The 12 points in the Balance tree is essential because it adds mana reduction, as well as Crits on some of your heals. I will go over each and every talent, as well as to why I have chose them.

First talent is Genesis; I have 5 points into that. This talent increases the Healing Done by my Healing effects by 5%. So lets give a small example. Lifebloom with out any buffs or talents, Heals the target for 371 over 7 seconds. When you put Lifebloom up (lets assume you had put up a 3 stack) There is a 5% Bonus on that 371 base heal. So then the base turns into 389 (added 3 times for a Heal over time for 1167. Then at the end it will "Bloom" healing your target for 970. So add 5% and you have a bloom of 1018. Now that seems like little...But add all the other talents and you have an End bloom up to 19k. Seem Impossible? Not really. Lets move on....

The next Talent I have is 3 points in Moonglow...This reduces the mana cost of my Healing touch, Rejuvenation, Nourish, and regrowth. Mana is the most important tool you have. So conserve it wherever you can.

Next I have 2 points in Natures Majesty. This increases my Crit Chance by 4% on my Healing Touch and Nourish. Crit is important for the sole fact that it can equal out to larger heals. Now Even though we don’t use healing touch (I will go over that in a bit) the Nourish Crit chance is what we are aiming for in this talent.

Next I have 1 point in Natures Grace. This talent has an effect that all spell crits have a 33% chance to Grace with a blessing of nature increasing my spell casting speed by 20% for 3 seconds. Now This is important because of the fact, when you are using Nourish, or regrowth or any longer heal that will have a crit chance, that means your target is pretty low on health. So with this going off, your bigger heals will become faster for those next 3 seconds, allowing you to get your target back to full health again.

Next and Last point in balance is in Natures Splendor. This talent increases the Duration of my Rejuvenation by 3 seconds, Lifebloom by 2 seconds, and regrowth by 6 seconds. This is important solely because of mana saving, the longer your hots are on.... the less you need to refresh them.

So now that covers the Balance tree. I will go over the Restoration tree in the Next Entry

~Happy Healing! <3 Delley


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