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Posted by Delleyntar Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello everyone! I've been a bad tree latly, and not giving any updates on my blog...

I've been so busy IRL, and busy with raiding Hardmodes and the guild, that when I get home from work, I raid for 3 hours then I go to bed!

So Bad Tree!!!

Butt....I did want to update everyone with a few fun things from around the druid community:

Keeva from Made a KICKA$$ Resto Druid Leveling guide & I wanted to post it here to share it with all you new Resto Druids!

This is a resto druid guide for PvE healing. It contains information for beginner and intermediate resto druids.

Everything in there is very detailed, down to the explaination to the Talent choices and different options as well.

Another Nifty little thing that I found from Keeva, was a Resto Druid Calculator...Podalarius of Draenor has taken Hamlet’s well worn TreeCalcs spreadsheet and turned it into a very nifty online calculator:

In other news.....Cataclysm Is going to be coming out very soon.....and of course nothing is quite final yet, I just wanted to share some nifty little things that is in store for us...Some new additions, and some changes to existing spells

From the MMO-Champion Website:

Remove Corruption: (Learned at level 24) Nullifies corrupting effects on the friendly target, removing 1 curse, and 1 poison effects. Uses 17% of base mana, 40 yd range, Instant cast

Nourish: (Learned at Level 78) Heals a friendly target for 3203.33 to 3722.79. Heals for an additional 20% if you have a Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom, or Wild Growth effect active on the target. Uses 7% of base mana, 40 yd range, 3 sec cast

Tranquility: (Learned at level 68) Heals all members of target's party for 3882.37 every 2 seconds for 8 sec. Druid must channel to maintain the spell. Uses 32% of base mana, 30 yd range, Channeled, 8 min cooldown

Lifebloom: (Learned at Level 64) Heals the target for [ 1229.34 * ( Genesis : 100%/102%/104%/106%/100%/100% ) ] over 7 sec. When Lifebloom completes its duration or is dispelled, the target instantly heals themself for 1773.95. This effect can stack up to 3 times on the same target. Lifebloom can only be active one target at a time.
( Tree of Life : Applies an additional application. ) Uses 5% of base mana, 40 yd range, Instant cast

(Notice the ToL Perk? But Do you notice the lack of mana gain once it blooms..... this will be intresting to see if that stays)

Rebirth: (Learned at Level 20)Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 87 health and 0 mana. Uses 68% of base mana, 40 yd range, 2 sec cast, 30 min cooldown, Reagents: Maple Seed

Wait....Cooldown Upped again?? Well that sucks....But I can see where they are coming from....I have a total of 5 Druids in my raid, And while working on Hardmodes, it does become a clutch to have if people are dying fast....

Heals a friendly target for 3382.61 to 3776.35 and another [ 2527.77 * ( Genesis : 100%/102%/104%/106%/100%/100% ) ] over 21 sec.
( Tree of Life : Instant cast. )
Uses: 35% of base mana, 40 yd range, 2 sec cast

Yay! Free regrowths...but it does cost alot, so watch your mana!

Primary Skills (Things you get for just being a Resto Druid!)

Swiftmend: Consumes a Rejuvenation or Regrowth effect on a friendly target to instantly heal the target for 1.
Restoration Druid: Reduces the pushback suffered from damaging attacks while casting Healing Touch, Regrowth, Tranquility, Rebirth, and Nourish.
Meditation: Allows 50% of your mana regeneration to continue while casting.


Tree Of Life: Shapeshift into the tree of life, increasing healing done by 15% and increasing your armor by 120%. In addition, some of your spells are temporarly enhanced while shapeshifted. Lasts 45 sec.
Enhanced spells: Lifebloom, Wild Growth, Regrowth, Entangling Roots, Thorns, Wrath

Soo...does that mean that we can do DPS in ToL (Not that we want to) Blizzard you are so confusing!

When you critically heal with your Regrowth spell you also sprout a bed of healing flora underneath the target, healing all nearby friendly targets within 4 yards for [10%/20%/30%] of the amount healed by your Regrowth every 1 sec for 7 sec.

This I am excited about...But 4 yards seems so small....Guess its for the Melee Only!

Wild Growth: Heals up to 5 friendly party or raid members within 15 yards of the target for 2866.15 over 7 sec. Prioritizes healing most injured party members. The amount healed is applied quickly at first, and slows down as the Wild Growth reaches its full duration.
( Tree of Life : Affects an additional 2 targets. )

Natures Cure: Empowers your Remove Corruption spell to also remove a magic effect from a friendly target.

Swift Rejuvination: Reduces the global cooldown of your Rejuvenation by [0.25/0.5] sec.

Fury Of Stormrage: Reduces the mana cost of your Wrath spell by [50%/100%], and you have a [5%/10%] chance when you cast Nourish or Healing Touch to cause your next Wrath spell to be instant cast[and cost no mana]. Fury of Stormrage lasts for 8 sec.

OK Fury of Stormrage really confuses me...They really want us to DPS for 8 Seconds??
Still want to see this in action before I choose this talent....

Perseverance: Reduces all spell damage taken by [2%/4%/6%].

Blessing of the Grove: Increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation by [2%/4%], the direct damage of your Moonfire by [3%/6%] and the damage done by your Claw and Shred by [2%/4%].

Heart of the Wild: Increases your maximum mana by [5%/10%/15%]. In addition, while in Bear Form your Stamina is increased by [3%/7%/10%] and while in Cat Form your attack power is increased by [3%/7%/10%].

Changes to Abilities and Mechanics:

This list and the summary of talent changes below it are by no means comprehensive, but they should give you a good sense of our goals for each spec.

•All heal-over-time spells (HoTs) will benefit from crit and haste innately in Cataclysm. Hasted HoTs do not reduce their duration, but instead add additional HoT ticks. Haste will also benefit Energy generation while in cat form.

•Unlike the other healers, Restoration druids will not be receiving any new spells. They have plenty to work with already, and our challenge instead is to make sure all of them have a well-defined niche. A druid should be able to tank-heal with stacks of Lifebloom, spot-heal a group with Nourish and Regrowth, and top off lightly wounded targets with Rejuvenation.

•Barkskin will be innately undispellable.

•Druids will lose Abolish Poison with the dispel mechanics change, but Restoration druids will gain Dispel Magic (on friendly targets) as a talent. All druids can still remove poisons with Cure Poison and remove curses with Remove Curse.

•Tree of Life is changing from a passive talent to a cooldown-based talent, similar to Metamorphosis. Mechanically, it feels unfair for a druid to have to give up so much offense and utility in order to be just as good at healing as the other classes who are not asked to make that trade. We are exploring the exact benefit the druid gets from Tree of Life. It could strictly be better healing, or it could be that each heal behaves slightly different. You also will not be able to be banished in Tree of Life form (this will probably be true of Metamorphosis as well). Additionally, we would like to update the Tree of Life model so that it feels more exciting when you do decide to go into that form. Our feeling is that druids rarely actually get to show off their armor, so it would be nice to have at least one spec that looked like a night elf or tauren (and soon troll or worgen) for most of the time.

•Restoration druids will have a new talent called Efflorescence, which causes a bed of healing flora to sprout beneath targets that are critically healed by Regrowth.


•Meditation (The amount of mana you regenerate in combat as a function of your Spirit)
•HoT Scale Healing

HoT Scale Healing: HoTs will do increased healing on more wounded targets. The mechanic is similar to that of the Restoration shaman, but with HoTs instead of direct heals. In Cataclysm, we anticipate druids using a greater variety of their spells so there is a distinction between healing and HoT healing.

Tree of Life cooldown
We knew changing Tree of Life to a cooldown was going to be controversial. There was just no way a change this big would be unanimously accepted. My apologies if being a tree was what really drew you to the class.

On live today, druids are balanced around healing in tree form, meaning they give up a lot of utility just to be as good as other healers. When Tree of Life is a cooldown, then you'll be balanced healing in night elf, troll, worgen or tauren form, and then you'll be more powerful when in tree form. The nice thing about cooldowns is the difference can be pretty significant while active.

Reasons behind the Tree of Life change
Part of our logic here is that tree form doesn't actually do enough. It doesn't change your resource system. It doesn't give you new tree-only abilities. It can't let you be a better healer than the priests, paladins or shaman, and we keep adding things to the list of what druids can do as a tree because it's not fun to be so limited. We started asking ourselves what we were really gaining.

It's not for PvP reasons. We just don't think healing forms are a good idea. Now if you want to talk about PvP, I'd agree that going tree was an interesting decision back when it came with huge penalties (like movement). That wasn't very fun to actually play in though so we kept chipping away at the differences between being in tree form and not being in tree form until we were left to wonder what the point was. We asked players on these boards and elsewhere how attached they were to the form, and found some loved it, some hated it, and some were indifferent.

I don't fault you at all if you loved the form though and I'm sorry if this makes playing a druid less fun for you.

Tree of Life visual appearance
We might (*might*) consider a minor glyph that kept the visual of the old tree form in some fashion even when not using the Tree of Life cooldown.

Healing in Cataclysm
We think there will be more reason to cast Healing Touch (perhaps with some number tweaks) for when you need to heal someone who has a real health deficit.

Druids don't have perfect analogues to the priest heals, but you can imagine Regrowth as the Flash Heal, Nourish as the heal, and Healing Touch as the greater heal. Lifebloom is something you'd put on a tank before healing with Nourish or Healing Touch (which might even refresh the stack). Rejuv will still be good for the reason hots are good. Wild Growth is still a group heal. Tranquility is an emergency heal, and we'll change it to act more like Diving Hymn.

So alot of fun stuff (The Tree of Life Cooldown still bothers me tho....) And here is the Talent Calc to play around with and figure what you might look like at 85\

Since I can't Export the Data, Here is a picture to what I chose, and you can Compare that to the calculator link:

Have Fun with it!

And I will get to Posting more frequent now adays, since I'm no longer an officer in the guild (long story for this one post) And I will get to making videos again soon!


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