Being A Druid is Fun!

Posted by Delleyntar Friday, October 2, 2009

The best thing about being a Resto Druid.... is all the options there are available to you. Blizzard gave us certain heals for a reason, and not to use some of them, would be a waste.

I have had a lot of druids tell me in the past what I was doing was wrong,

"OMG your using X Heal...that’s bad you need to do this"


"Lifebloom, your crazy why bother"


"Nourish is a waste of time and Mana, your going to be OOM at the middle of the Fight"

Now what I am going to say to you is, some of that is right, but MOST of it is wrong.

Recently I have Joined a guild that puts me on raid heals.... so I had to hurry up, respec, Regem and re-enchant.

Why you ask? At Level 80, I should be at the soft cap for Haste, way over on Spirit, and why am I looking at MP5?

Well what people didn't know is, that I was a Tank healer.... for most of my Druid Career. Never once in the guilds I was in previously, had put me strictly on raids. My main focus was the MT and that was all. Oh and to throw a few HoTs on the raid when I could.

So my gear and spec focused Mainly on Crit, Mp5, Intel and Spell power. Haste I got but wasn’t ever a primary concern for me, and well spirit, Just comes standard on healing gear, but I would NEVER gem for it.

Think of a Pally Healer. That’s what I aimed for my gear to be.... Crit Based. On my Tanks I was critting up to 19k on my Lifebloom (Before the nerf of course) And my Nourishes and Regrowths was always over 15k.

Natures Swiftness and Healing Touch...still not even an option (I prefer NS and Regrowth, for the Burst healing and the lasting HoT it leaves, plus if that’s not enough I still have Swiftmend to the Rescue)

But that has all changed. I was applying for one of the Top guilds on my Server a month or so back and the Druids were telling me I’m doing it wrong.

Basically they said my gear and spec and Gem choice was a little weird and they were asking me why.

Little did I know is that the guild uses Druids for ONLY raid healing so I had a major change.

So MP5 Became Spirit. Crit Became Haste, Glyphs were changed and took me about 2 days to collect gear, gems and enchants (Thank goodness I'm and Enchanter and Jewelcrafter or else I’d still be struggling lol)

So now I’m a Raid healer

Rejuve/WG, and we win...Right?

Still Wrong.

Yes Rejuve and WG is your primary concern but don’t be afraid to use nourish as a buffer here and there. And if you are specced into living seed.... that’s up to a 6 second window, if that target gets hurt, It heals them instead.

Mana is never really an issue. Yes I do got to admit, I’m still getting used to not having the MP5 (they say spirit is better but I still feel I’m missing about 100 mp5 while casting somewhere) But with innervate at my disposal every 3 minutes I hardly ever worry about it.

Lifebloom... a HoT long forgotten.... (Except for when the Main Tank's healer goes down and I gotta step in with some extra heals of course)

And Regrowth... I still use with Natures Swiftness for that quick "OMIGOSH Person is going to go down quick quick do something" (you know when they are below 50% and I panic, thinking the next hit could kill them LOL)

But don't let anyone tell you "You’re doing it wrong" except when you might clearly be (Using Healing Touch as part of your Healing Rotation, Having all your points into Resto, etc)

There is always room for improvement. But there is always room for Experimentation. And that’s what this GAME is all about, having fun and experimenting with the options Blizzard gave to you to see what works out the best.

Hey I might go a little OOM but you know what? No one dies.... and that’s the main concern...(Except when your standing in the fire.... that I cant help you with >.<)

~Happy Healing!


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