Cookie Cutter spec Vs. Test Spec

Posted by Delleyntar Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In a earlier post, I had stated that I had wanted to change some points around after 3.2. I did and was blammed for being "Non-Traditional" and "Plain ol' Retarded"

Granted, It wasn't exactly "Cookie Cutter" But it did work.

People Blammed me for Omiting Natures Splendor, or for not maxing out GOTEM, etc, But As far from traditional as it was, It still worked, I still healed, No one died, and was still part of the top 3 heals in my 25 mans.

But It was all a test.

I wanted to see if leaving out those "cookie Cutter" Points, would hurt my healing, and It didn't; Proving that You can still be great, even if you are not following what has been mapped out for you.

But to my fellow Resto Druids, Have no fear, I have reverted back to the Old ways, and have the Cookie Spec in play now.

This is my current spec:

14/0/57 (Click)

I have also changed my Glyph of Rejuvenation, to Glyph of Nourish, Since Blizzard is so avid for the Druid to use Nourish (The T9 set has a 5% Crit chance on nourish)

So far, I'm still the top 3 heals in my 25 man, so I haven't seen much of a change, however I must admit, with the uptime on my HoTs longer, I do worry less about not keeping the person HoTted up.


~Happy Healing!


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