ToC 5 Man Heroic is Awesome!!!!

Posted by Delleyntar Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The new heroic is AWESOME!

It's great! I went in there this morning and didnt really know what to expect. All it is, is a round room with Horses around the place and A Lance Rack, and a Single Person in the middle of the room. He tells you to mount up and talk to him. He goes through a long intro, then the mobs come out.

The first boss is on the horse mounts (like the tourny) and there are 3 waves of 3. you need to go through them, then you will dismount and fight the last Boss normally. He hits the tank really hard and gives out a nasty poison DoT but easily healable. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. He Dropped a pretty nice tanking ring.

The 2nd boss is now in normal mode (no more mounting) and he does an AoE effect where you need to turn your back away from the boss or the light will "Blind you" and make you unable to do anything for 3-4 seconds. The other effect he has is a Judgement of light, which of course stunns you if your targeted. Again, easily healable. He dropped a dps neck piece and pally healing pants.

And the black knight is kinda hard, was really unprepared, and he targets you with A "Marked for Death" and if you dont get enough hots up, its Instant Death (Which i did die, But the Knight had 15% health, the DPS was fast and good thing for 2 pallys!) He Dropped a Plate DPS Bracer and DPS Cloth Boots (Has hit on it, with a yellow socket)

So all in all it was a good fight for going in there with out a clue what to do!

I can't wait to go back in there to Do more!


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