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Posted by Delleyntar Thursday, October 27, 2011

I've been a very bad (partial) Tree. I havent updated anything since last year, and things have been, well for the most part, very very hectic. So with any story, its best to start at the begining?

Last time I posted, It was a different Time, Different place (Different patch!) I since then Left the guild I was in, Transfered servers 2 times and even went horde once. Cataclysm has been a big big chaotic spin for me not only ingame. As cata came out, I only had a few months with my last guild before life, RL, would change. My store that I work at, was changing locations, so that ment that, I along with it, needed to move. Then there was the lingering issue of time. We were told that when we were going to open up in the new store, our times was going to change. So for me, that ment Not getting out until 8 or 9pm....and Raid times start at 8:30. So there was no way for me to get home intime to do this. Another minor(major) issue, was when the Expac finally came out, I needed a new comptuer because my Old Macbook, only had a 30gig HD, and there was no way that Cata was going to fit on there. So that ment getting $1000 for a new laptop. So, basically, that took some time as well. So Raiding just kinda went down the tubes for me, as well as blogging (like I did alot of it anyways!)And Recording Video fights. (Which i miss alot).

Buuuuut....Here I am now, on the brink of 4.3, Finally found myself a raiding guild, and finally doing some content. I'm back to alliance, and I'm on the Lightbringer (US) server (and my name is still Delleyntar!) I've already done 6/7 in FL, and I will eventually post some videos once I figure out how to do that on a PC!

But I just wanted to throw an update out there, and I will eventually fix my layout as well since i decided to break it 2 weeks ago!

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