Healing with another Druid!

Posted by Delleyntar Thursday, October 21, 2010

So Patch 4.0 has been very intresting so far, And now is time to make the obversations and tell you a few things I've noticed, Espically healing alongside another resto druid.

Healing Raid makeup this week consisted of:

2 Resto Druids
1 Resto Shaman
1 Holy Pally
1 Holy Priest
1 Disc Priest

Each of us had to all figure out our new spells, rotations and ways to not be a heal snipe, and to keep the Overhealing to a minimum.

So Lifebloom, you can not stack on more than one target. That also INCLUDES other Druids lifeblooms.

So if I were to Put a lifebloom on the Pally tank, the other resto druid cannot Stack her lifeblooms on the pally tank as well.

This caused alot of heal sniping and dropping off the 3 stacks.

So in order to avoid this, We need to make sure Each of us were assigned to a tank.

Not hard right?


Say if Druid A was using lifebloom on Tank A and Druid B was doing the same with Tank A, Then Druid A must be aware, when popping ToL to not use Lifebloom on Tank B Because then Druid B's stacks will then be removed.

So just a minor thing to be aware of while healing.

Swiftmend is a Funny spell, because If Druid B is not Glyphed for it, then if you use Swiftmend on Druid B's Primary target, then you will consume their Rejuv or Regrowth, and again Heal sniping will occur. Now with Efflorence out, we all want to pop Swiftmend every time its off cooldown, But again, beware of the sniping, and make sure all Resto Druids in the Raid have this glyph so that doesnt happen.

Greed Void Zone Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH

To try to maximize this Heal with out people running from the "Green Goo" until they are used to it, I tried to constrate using it mainly on the tank, where theres a good amount of melee in the area.

Tree Of Life
When is a good time to use it? I find that using it during heroism helped a good amount.

Great for Blood Queen:

First Air Phase, Pop tranquility, 2nd air phase, pop ToL and regrowth and Wild growth everyone....No druid should be Below 14kHPS for that fight.

This subject has gotten me a bit upset over time, A shaman in my raid was complaining that i have 50% overheals...saying i need to be "Smarter" with my heals...

What he dont realize is that once you place a heal on some one it ticks for X amount of time, Now once the person is healed to full, the remaining HoT thats left will be now considered an Overheal. Once the Druid realizes that, then don't be afraid to use heals ^.^

All and All I love the new play style, BUT I do really miss my Tree form....But my Teldrassil Sproutling is keeping the spirit alive, and when I get my Pet Biscuts, it will seem like a tree is still there!!!

  1. Jasyla Said,

    I had no idea that only one stack of Lifeblooms could be up on one player at a time. That is good to know.

    Posted on October 21, 2010 at 10:54 AM

  2. Shelly Said,

    On overheals: if I have the mana to do my job the over heals are just damage I could have healed had their been sufficient damage. And what does the shaman want you to do? Spam nourish??

    The lifebloom thing is annoying to say the least, I was single stack lifebloom spammer prior to 4.0.1. Thanks for the tip about the lifebloom with other resto druids, missed that part of the patch notes/tooltips.

    I have used tree of life 3 times since the patch, all times where I needed the extra armor, and only once where I needed the extra effects of the spells.

    I havent touched the new thorns.

    I am deeply disappointed with the changes to kings/mark. Kings is one point better than marks and I am waiting for the paladin who declares Kings is better for him to put up because of it. Screw those who want might.

    I am used to the longer heals and shorter cd to wild growth but overall, I am glad that they didnt place the wild growth after the tree of life like it was pre 4.0.x and am still pretty good with my heals.

    Posted on November 4, 2010 at 12:38 PM


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